Torre Vicens is a public high school located in Lleida (Spain) which provides training to about 1.300 students. The staff is made by 120 teachers who are fully qualified and trained in their field. Our school offers compulsory secondary education and post compulsory education with a high range of studies: health, building, hairdressing and beauty sector. They are classified in Compulsory Secundary Education, Baccalaureate, Middle Grade Vocational Training and Upper Grade Vocational Training. Moreover, this school provides the access to Specified Training Course for Access to Higher Level Cycles (CAS) as well as the training and Placement program (PFI) for students with special needs.



  • Compulsory education: 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 4th of ESO
  • Baccalaureate
    • Humanities and Social Science
    • Science and technology
  • Vocational studies

Professional vocational education and training that are taught are divided in professional families:

  • Professional Family: Health
  • Professional Family: Construction and Civil Work
  • Professional Family: Personal Image

By studying these degrees you will be able to obtain:

Middle Grade vocational training:

  • Expert in auxiliary nursery care
  • Technician in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy
  • Technician in Emergency Health Care
  • Technician in Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics
  • Technician in Beauty Therapy
  • Technician in Interior Works, Decoration and Rehabilitation

Upper Grade Vocational Training:

  • Advanced expert in dietetics
  • Higher Technician in Health Documentation and Management
  • Higher Technician in Pathological Anatomy and Cytodiagnosis
  • Higher Technician in Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine
  • Higher Technician in Dental and Oral Hygiene
  • Higher Technician in Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory
  • Higher Technician in Construction Projects 
  • Higher Technician in Integral Aesthetics and Wellness

Vocational Dual training system has been implemented in some courses, which allows combine classroom training with professional placement.



Nowadays, we are applying a plurilingual program, where our classes are taught in Catalan and, Spanish (mother tongues) and also in some groups in English. Some of our students in compulsory secondary education (first, second and third grade) are doing non-linguistic subjects in English through the project All you need is CLIL. We also offer French as a forth language. Vocational education is teaching technical subjects in English, too.

We also offer some language courses to our mobility students such as German, English and French.

Project activities:

We have been participating in several national and international projects. Our international projects are funded by Erasmus +.

Nowadays, some of our vocational students have professional experiences abroad doing an internship in European companies.  Technician in Beauty students was doing a part of their internship on the Reunion Island, France; Pharmacy and parapharmacy students were in Sicily, Italy and Auxiliary nursery care and hairdressing students were in Wales, United kingdom (K102). Next year, students will do an internship in Osnabrück (Germany), Trapani (Italy) and Pau (France).

Moreover, some of our teachers were improving their teaching skills in some courses in United Kingdom to develop our linguistic project All you need is Clil Project K101.

We also participate in Spanish projects exchanges through Ministerio Educacion Cultura y Deporte grant, such as 321conTACto (ITC project), Centros Medioambientales (Science project and Rutas Científicas Artísticas and Literarias (Science and literature project).


Welcome to Torre Vicens High school!

Erasmus Charter:

In this link you can analyze the general strategy of the institute at the level of higher education courses 2014 – 2020:


The majority of the projects published in this website are funded by Erasmus+ programme.